Monitoring the Development of 1 Year Old Children

Paying attention to the development of children aged 1 year is something that must be done by all parents. At that time, the child begins to show indications of interaction. This is done by the child to get attention.

However, things that must be considered should not only the baby's physical development but also his mental development. For the baby's physical growth and development to be maximized, then provide the necessary nutritional intake at their age.

Vitamins and minerals are the intakes they need at this age. The fulfillment of these two important nutrients will be able to make them move with good performance.

Monitoring the Development of 1 Year Old Children


If Mommy wants to take good care of her baby at the age of one year, she must also pay attention to her mental development. At this age, your baby may often follow you. This is a natural thing to do. Sometimes children are carried or cared for only by Mommy.

Some people think that babies who do this are called babies who like to stick to or follow their mothers. Mother can take advantage of free time to play with them in this period. Make sure you give your love thoroughly, not half-heartedly.

Many parents share their love for their children with other things, for example, they are more concerned with their work and other things. As a result, the mental growth and development of your child will not be well organized.

As a result, later when it is more than one year old, the baby will become fussy and difficult to manage. Why does this happen? This is because the method used by parents when caring for their baby at the age of one year turned out to be wrong.

They don't take care of their children wholeheartedly so the children become spoiled and thirsty for affection when they grow up. Don't let Mom feel guilty later because of this.

Establish Emotional Connections

Telling interesting stories to the baby or singing beautiful songs to the baby when he is about to sleep will make the baby and mommy's emotional relationship go well.

At this age, your baby will also begin to interact by speaking. Of course, the words they sing are not very clear, but you can maximize this by teaching your child how to pronounce them properly and correctly.

Try to prevent your child from doing bad habits at this age because it can allow them to carry them until they are big, namely fussing, screaming, kicking, and so on.

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