How to Educate the Alpha Generation that Parents Must Know

The alpha generation is children born between 2010 – 2025. They are the generation after millennials and gen Z. Is your child one of them, ma'am? If so, it is worth listening to some of the following tips on educating alpha generation children.

Educating alpha-generation children is not easy, especially if you are currently caring for 2 children at once. Even though a child who is still breastfeeding cannot be separated from the mother's attention, the older sibling who is in the alpha generation also needs to receive more attention.

How to Educate the Alpha Generation that Parents Must Know

Children born into the alpha generation have the advantage of technology that has advanced rapidly at the time they were born. This is an advantage because they can learn from any source, something that was difficult for our parents' generation to get, even in the early years of our birth, Mom. For this reason, it is not surprising that parents who have an alpha generation as part of their family tend to be extravagant in providing facilities for the development of their little one, such as buying fashionable clothes, gadgets, tabs, and other electronics.

If in the past we got information from books or newspapers, now when the internet era has taken over, the alpha generation can get information from anywhere. This makes their insights wider, but on the one hand w,e as parents also have to be smart in guiding and directing which information we deserve.

The advantages of the alpha generation include being the most educated, critical, intelligent, and full of innovation generation. This, of course, is 2 sides of the coin for the development of your little one, on the one hand, he will be rich with knowledge and mastery of technology, on the other hand, the full range of facilities risks making your little one have low fighting power.

Well, of course, w,e want to direct our little one as the alpha generation in a good direction, right, Mom? This should concern all of us as parents so that the alpha generation becomes a better generation.

The Risks Lurking Alpha Generation

Apart from the advantages above, there are risks and disadvantages that your little one may experience as an alpha generation in their development. Anything, ma'am?

  1. Children are vulnerable to exposure to pornographic content.
  2. Children are at risk of ingesting content/information that is not appropriate for their age they will receive information that is not the right time for them to get or that is not necessarily true.
  3. Children are vulnerable to stress or a psychological burden because they see/hear something that is not the right time for children to consume it for their age.

Alpha Generation Negative Characteristics

In addition, several characteristics can be a disadvantage of alpha generation. This characteristic is difficult to separate from the alpha generation which was indeed born in the technological era. These characteristics include:

1. All Things Instant

Today's technology makes everything happen instantaneously which can have a bad impact on your little one because he or she will not appreciate the process. Children will get used to getting everything quickly, without needing to know how the process of getting it.

2. Individualist and Less Socialization

Little ones who are accustomed to using sophisticated technology/gadgets tend not to pay attention to their surroundings. If left alone, the child will grow into an apathetic and individualistic person.

3. Rely on Gadgets

Children tend to depend on gadgets due to the facilities provided by their parents and rapidly developing technological sophistication. He tends not to be able to do other activities without involving gadgets.

How to Educate Generation Alpha

Several things should be your concern as parents in educating your little one as the alpha generation, including the following:

1. Instilling Religious Norms From an Early Age

Rapid access to technology exposes your little one to any information, both positive and negative. This makes us as parents have to be vigilant because there is a lot of negative information on the internet. With good religious knowledge, the little one will be able to fortify himself well too. Oh yes, if we as parents feel we don't have good religious knowledge, this is the time to learn too, you know.

2. Guiding Children in Various Things

Watch your little one in his daily life, and monitor his development and behavior. If your child does something negative, then tell him that what he is doing is not good. On the other hand, if he does positive things, then you should also give him appreciation.

3. Becoming a Good Role Model for Children

The alpha generation needs someone they want to emulate. What they see early, that's what they will do in the future. For that, be a good role model for your little one, Mom.

4. Have a Good Parenting Style

How do you communicate with your little ones, how to talk to them, and teach your little ones new things every day, are examples of parenting styles that we can apply as parents. If necessary, you can read a lot of literature or attend seminars on good parenting styles for your little one.

5. Creating a Positive Family Climate

This is related to harmonious family relationships so that your little one will grow up to be a child full of affection. Therefore, harmony with your partner and the entire extended family needs to be maintained, Mom.

6. Providing the Right Games for Child Psychological Development

There are many things you can do to stimulate brain growth and physical and psychological intelligence of your little one as the alpha generation with useful games. Give fun games that are appropriate for their age. This is necessary so that children can see and feel the real world more, rather than watching it through their gadgets.

7. Sharpening the Will and Ability to Fight in the Little One

The ease of getting information also makes your little one as an alpha generation lazy in finding out things. What's more, all the existing facilities make your little one feel that anything is easy to get so that it makes him even lazy. This is a challenge for parents in providing understanding to them to hone their abilities and willingness to fight.

8. Getting Children To Socialize

The behavior of your little one as an alpha generation when holding a gadget is indeed worrying. Especially if he doesn't seem to pay attention to his surroundings when he's engrossed in his gadgets. This is what parents must pay attention to so that they can also socialize with their surroundings and their peers. Of course, you don't want your little one to be able to take his eyes and fingers off the gadget, right?

Giving gadgets is usually done by parents so that their little ones can be quiet or not disturb their work. But is that a wise way? Screen time for children is allowed, but it is still limited in use and time so that children stay focused on the real world.

So, those are some things that must be considered by parents in educating the alpha generation so they don't go wrong. How Ma'am, are you ready to bring our children to success along with the rapid development of technology?

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